First sea trials: Edging into perfection

As the exquisite lines and shapes of the first EDGE 65 came into view in the Van der Valk construction hall over recent weeks, minds inevitably turned to the launch. Could this ultimate weekender really perform as well as she looks and reach the ambitious targets set by owners and yard alike for speed, stability and noise? With the sea trials now complete, we’re pleased to report that the answer is a resounding yes on all fronts!

From the get-go the EDGE 65 was destined to be different. The family behind the custom-built launch model has already teamed up with Van der Valk on the award-winning LeVen and Lady Lene motoryachts. In this latest meeting of minds on the EDGE 65, the goal was to combine high speeds with the ability to comfortably cross oceans and explore shallow waters in places like the Bahamas.

Eyes on the prize

Exterior designer Cor D. Rover, Menno van Dijk & his naval architect team at Studio Delta and the Swedish hull company Petestep poured all their expertise into making these seemingly contradictory wishes come true (they also incorporated a 48-square-metre fold-out platform too, but that’s a story for another day!).  As the EDGE 65 slipped into the chilly Dutch waters in early April, we knew that the proposed weight of 30 tons (half load) had been achieved with complete accuracy. All eyes were therefore on the performance on water… And what a couple of days it was.

The sea trials showed that the expected top speed of 42.6 knots was met as the four Mercury V12 Verado outdoors used their combined 2400 horsepower to great effect. Despite the immense power being generated by these engines, the yacht proved incredibly quiet, with just 72db of sound in the salon/kitchen at a speed of 40 knots. Equally impressive was the stability, with no slamming at all even in choppy water. The EDGE 65 also kept an exceptionally steady course throughout, effortlessly slicing through the waves.

Ambitions met

The owners are delighted that their goals have been met so well and we’re now making final preparations to transport their new prized possession to the Bahamas soon. The yard is already busy building a second hull as the EDGE 65 is set to become a successful new series. Larger models are also under development and inboard engine versions are available. Let us know your thoughts here of how you might like to live life on the EDGE.

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