MY d rolli

2023 in review

MY Felis

The construction of Project 111.11 – Episode #1

First look at stunning new custom Pilot

Launch MY “Felis”

This is the captain speaking

The Hull Vane explained

Diana Yacht Design about MY Lady Lene

The inside story on Lady Lene

Guido de Groot – Designer Lady Lene

Lady Lene wins World Yacht Trophy

A chat with Paul Flannery about Lady Lene

Looking good: 33-metre Blue Jeans launched

Jaron Ginton, Naval Architect of Lady Lene

Van der Valk – EDGE 65

MY Lady Lene

Lady Lene nominee at 2022 World Superyacht Awards

Van der Valk concept “Meteor”

Van der Valk Explorer ‘Venera’

Launch of Lady Lene

Blue Jeans taking shape

Lady of leisure taking shape

Van der Valk Raised Pilothouse “Helga”

Venera rides the North Sea waves

Waterdream California 52 wins major award

Modern looks, amazing views. The new Flybridge

Launch of the Waterdream California 52

New Pilot series concept unveiled

BeachClub 660 Flybridge ‘Alvaro’ in Mallorca

Launch of the 32m Van der Valk Raised Pilothouse ‘Jangada’

A groundbreaking concept – The Van der Valk BeachClub

Van der Valk Flybridge – Joy

Time-lapse: Van der Valk 28m Explorer

VLOG3 Live from Cannes

VLOG 2 Aluminium Construction

Van der Valk BeachClub 660 Flybridge

Van der Valk 25m Explorer

Van der Valk Raised Pilothouse

Van der Valk Flybridge MY “Valencia”

Van der Valk Beachclub

Van der Valk Shipyard general video

Van der Valk 24m Explorer – Construction well underway

Teaser Forward Thinking

Van der Valk Introduction

Van der Valk Shipyard – video 2015

Van der Valk Aft Cabin MY “Santa Katharina III”

Van der Valk Flybridge MY “Nicostasia”

Van der Valk Flybridge MY “Anemeli”

Van der Valk Explorer 24M – Timelapse turning the hull