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As a family-run company with a pedigree spanning several generations, Van der Valk understands the value of keeping our word and creating yachts that stand the test of time. We build boats that perform as well as they look, and see Van der Valk owners as members of the family who are regularly welcomed home, often for new orders.

These close client relations start with the first discussion of requirements and continue long after delivery with a first-class support network of local representatives. Our yard has short lines of communication and a flat organisational structure, ensuring a pleasant working environment. And our relationship with co-makers – designers, engineers and suppliers of systems, components and materials – revolves around long-term partnerships and superior products.

All this and more allows Van der Valk to apply advanced solutions, systems and materials that meet your budget. All staff are encouraged to follow training courses and research new possibilities and applications. This ensures that their know-how remains up to date, and fully at your service as a client.

Mission statement
We aim to develop safe, comfortable, innovative and efficient (semi) custom motoryachts up to 40m with a balanced price-quality ratio. This is achieved via the application of science, technology and fine craftsmanship.

Our future vision
To continue to realise client dreams by building state-of-the-art yachts in a strong partnership with owners and in close cooperation with designers and suppliers.


From humble roots in the 1960s, Van der Valk today has a global fleet of over 1000 motoryachts. We are the only Dutch yard in the 18 to 45-metre range to build first-class aluminium hulls in-house and take care of all outfitting and finishing. This gives Van der Valk complete control over the price-quality ratio as we ensure our rich heritage is translated into a beacon of innovation in the 2020s. Here’s our story to date…


A passionate yachtsman and watersport enthusiast, Dutchman Wim van der Valk founded the company that bears his name in 1967. Over the next five decades he has overseen an incredible rise to prominence for Van der Valk with a range of striking steel and aluminium motoryachts. The initial success came with cabin and aft-cabin design cruisers from seven to ten metres, which quickly attracted the attention of the yachting public.


The models which marked the 1970s – the Valkkruiser, Comfort, Royal, Falcon and Super Falcon – swiftly became shorthand for quality. Thanks to constant quality improvements, Van der Valk established an excellent reputation and took its place among the well-respected Dutch shipyards..


In the mid-1980s, we launched the Vitesse series – steel and aluminium semi-displacement motoryachts for the high-end segment. This proved to be another international success, thanks to its progressive design, great sailing characteristics and high resale value.


The late 1990s saw the introduction of the elegant Continental I series, which became our signature product for many years. Hundreds were built for proud owners around the world as the Continental series evolved. A key aspect of Van der Valk’s breakthrough into the superyacht sector in terms of both length and quality in the 2000s was our partnership with Guido de Groot on these various upgrades and extensions.


Van der Valk has also become famous for its ability to constantly innovate. The 2013 launch of the 37-metre Santa Maria T, the world’s first motoryacht to feature a two-axis fin antiroll damping system, was a great example of our forward-thinking philosophy. Van der Valk was also one of the first yards to see the potential of the revolutionary Volvo Penta IPS propulsion when it was introduced, developing a special hull and new models for this drive system.


Today, Van der Valk regularly partners with other top names from the premium Dutch yachting scene, including Guido de Groot, Vripack, Cor D. Rover and Ginton Naval Architects. Our current offer of premium motoryachts in the Raised Pilothouse, Flybridge, Explorer and BeachClub lines all benefit from a keen desire to push the window of the possible. And our fantastic new facilities (more on which below) are still overseen by Wim van der Valk, who continues to share his exceptional experience and eye for detail.


The Van der Valk team of talented managers and craftsmen is at your service. They love working with the inspiring family of Van der Valk clients, making the most of the countless options available on our yachts in terms of customisation. Together we are excellent.

Wim van der Valk

Founder / Owner

Bram Kooltjes

Production and After-Sales Manager

Yoeri Bijker

Sales and Marketing Manager

Ron van Boven

Purchase Manager

Louise van der Valk

Office Manager

Marina Bijker

Sales and Marketing

Remco van Schijndel

Quality management

Jeroen Maijers

Projectmanager Engineering

Wim van Hemert

Projectmanager Electric

Gerard van der Valk

Constructor / Welder

Maarten Rijken

Constructor / Welder

Joëlle de Nijs

Project manager interiors

Valentijn Roos

Technical engineer

John Haans



Van der Valk’s production complex is located in Waalwijk, in the southern province of North Brabant, close to the cities of Tilburg and ‘s-Hertogenbosch and just an hour away from Amsterdam. It consists of an office and five state-of-the-art production halls.

Aluminium construction hall

Every Van der Valk motoryacht starts its life in the aluminium construction hall, which measures 60.7 metres by 20.3. The hull, superstructure and all supporting elements – masts, hardtops and other aluminium components – are built and welded here.

Three assembly halls

We have three assembly halls, including a state-of-the-art new one opened in 2017 which measures 42 x 36 metres. A height of 16 metres enables us to build motoryachts up to 40 metres in length with up to three decks. The second hall covers 42.5 x 25.6 metres and, as well as building boats between 20 and 40 metres, contains a standalone carpentry factory and is used for the exterior painting of yachts above 25 metres. Last but not least, hall three measures 35.5 x 36.4 metres and is dedicated to the construction and outfitting of yachts ranging from 15 to 25 metres.

Painting hall

Yachts below 25 metres are painted in Van der Valk’s exterior painting facility, which measures 30.5 metres by 22.7 and houses the paint coordination office. There is also a 17.2 x 13.4 m interior spray painting hall used for smaller exterior elements and non-fixed interior components. This includes varnishing and veneering as well as complete repainting.


The warehouse is the main location where parts are delivered. Van der Valk practices just-in-time delivery, which means that the necessary components arrive when they are effectively needed. Just-in-time delivery eliminates excess inventory and minimises stock-related overhead costs. The warehouse is 35.5 metres by 15.6.

Sales office

The sales office accommodates most sales-related departments along with marketing & PR and accounting. The offices of the production manager and director are also found here.

Production office

The two-floor production office houses production-related departments, such as purchasing, the planning & work preparation office, and the electric/navigation developers.

Crane and Docks

Van der Valk’s premises include a paved open area of 7000 m². There is access to the river via 120 metres of dock, which includes a crane with a capacity of 30 tonnes.

If you’d like more detailed information about our yachts, from brochures to specs, from videos to media articles, the Van der Valk team is at your service. Simply click on the link below and fill in your details… We’ll get back to you shortly!