Stunning footage of EDGE 65 in Bahamas

Van der Valk Shipyard in the Netherlands has released the first images of the striking new EDGE 65 in her natural habitat of the Bahamas. While this sporty blend of luxury cruiser and offshore speed machine would be equally at home exploring shallow waters and breathtaking bays the world over, the launch model for the new bespoke line was custom-created with the Exumas in mind. And, as these photographs and video footage show, living life on the EDGE has rarely looked so good.

The EDGE 65 is the third motoryacht ordered from the boutique Dutch yard Van der Valk by a three-generational family of owners. Having taken home several prestigious awards for their previous projects – the 90-foot LeVen (2019) and 34-metre explorer Lady Lene (2021) – the EDGE 65 has been designed as the ultimate weekender. With her home berth in Nassau, the yacht can effortlessly reach the Exumas within four hours at a cruising speed of 30 to 35 knots. And if the family are in a hurry for a Friday dinner date, they can throw open the throttle and fully power up their four Mercury V12 Verados to hit a top speed of 41 knots.

While the combined 2400 horsepower of these mighty outdoor engines offer an exhilarating ride, the yacht’s first-class engineering package keeps her incredibly quiet, with just 72db of sound in the salon/kitchen at 40 knots. The EDGE 65 is impressively stable too, with no slamming even in choppy waters. Her ability to comfortably cross oceans and explore shallow waters in places like the Bahamas thanks to a draught of less than three feet is a further asset achieved by exterior designer Cor D. Rover, Studio Delta Naval Architects and Petestep Hull Design.

Patio on the sea
When spending weekends in gorgeous parts of the world, having the chance to chill out close to the crystal-clear water is surely a must. That was certainly the philosophy of the EDGE 65’s owners who have hugely optimised the outdoor experience on their latest build. A fold-out platform spanning some 48 square metres of deck space makes for a fantastic patio on which to embrace the al fresco life in style.

The relaxation options are further facilitated by fully opening doors aft of the main deck interior structure, which itself features a delightful open-plan galley area. This first EDGE 65 revolves very much around entertainment, while future clients could adapt the GA to fit a more conventional lounge and/or dining area.

“Together with the owners we’ve designed a cabana on the water with an optimised amount of enclosed real estate and the option to be as close to the water as possible on a 20-metre boat,” confirms designer Cor D. Rover. “The large aft deck morphs into an outdoor pleasure platform with fold-down balconies creating eight square metres of extra space. This arrangement makes it easy to launch the watersport gear, which the outboards would otherwise make impossible in this spot. A crane on the flybridge enables the yacht to carry a small tender and/or jet ski, and the blend of all these aspects in a yacht this size truly sets the EDGE 65 apart.”

Weighing up the options
The EDGE 65 is the heaviest possible weight that can be propelled by outboards. Mercury Marine’s new automatic gear shift technology allowed the yard to build a yacht which comes in at just over 30 tonnes while retaining the outdoor and indoor real estate required by the owners. The yard partnered with Swedish company Petestep to utilise its revolutionary hull technology for the first time on a Van der Valk.

“Combining high speeds on a 65-footer with superyacht standards of comfort was an exacting brief,” explains Petestep’s CEO Jonas Danielsson. “We worked closely with CFD software experts on an extensive series of simulations to see how the boat would behave in all kinds of water. This involved calculating the resistance and pressure components of some five million air and water cells as they interacted with the design. Each simulation took between half and one day to complete and we carried out around fifty for this project.”

The resulting data led to the decision to add three Petestep deflectors to the hull, fitted in a V-shape to push water down and aft. The EDGE 65 has a lower wetted surface, greater degree of lift and forward thrust from the redirection of the spray. The overall result is a major reduction in resistance, a boost to the speed, a dry ride for those onboard and a 30% reduction in slamming. “It was really good to work with a reputable yard like Van der Valk on this project,” adds Danielsson. “The EDGE 65 is set to open up a new market for luxury boats that are relatively fast and facilitate both shallow water access and ocean trips.”

Relaxed vibes
The interior of the first EDGE 65 is equally impressive, showcasing a unique take on an Art Deco-inspired beach style by designer Carla Guilhem. “The owners have no interest in a traditional lounge, preferring a country kitchen galley arrangement with bar. They know people spend very little time indoors when day-tripping around the Bahamas and, should they choose to venture inside, an informal place awaits to sip cocktails and gather around the island.”


This relaxed vibe is heightened by a blend of modern-classic marine elements with a colourful beach feel. A natural style prevails with lots of oak wood, clean grey & white tones, round corners and textured panels. A few darker hues are found in the ensuite master and the two cabins with a shared bathroom. “The queen-size bed in the master suite has been shaped to remove any sensation of triangularity,” says Guilhem. “It’s all part of an approach aimed at generating relaxed open rooms that feel very spacious on overnight trips.”

Next on the EDGE
As you can see from the striking photographs, the first EDGE 65 has an Aston Martin Racing Green hull colour that makes her appear to be absorbed by the water. This custom choice – future owners can pretty much go for any colour they like – superbly complements a powerful and sporty exterior design with a masculine feel that seamlessly blends with her feminine interior.

Other options include opting for a two-cabin layout with a larger master suite and a separate bathroom and switching to inboard propulsion. The EDGE 65 could also serve as a high-end chase boat for larger superyachts, providing access to shallow bays while the mothership stays out at anchor.

Van der Valk now has the second hull available and Carla Guilhem Design has drawn up some ravishing renderings to set the creative juices flowing. The yard welcomes all enquiries from adventurous clients looking to shape their very own vision of life on the EDGE.