Lady of leisure taking shape

A true lady of the seas is taking shape at the Van der Valk as the September delivery date comes into view. The 34-metre explorer Lady Lene is being custom-built for experienced owners with a broad range of specific requests. Keen to get out to sea as soon as possible, the clients took inspiration from our previous work on Venera, while working with designer Guido de Groot to add some distinctive rounded details and an additional deck that will provide panoramic views of the environment wherever Lady Lene cruises.

Almost six metres of extra length are being put to excellent use on an all-aluminium superyacht that features a master stateroom with office, a VIP stateroom, two guest suites and good accommodation for four crew members. There is also room for a gangway and wing stations on a yacht which synthesises everything the family requires in a true home from home.

Lady Lene is also equipped for every stage of life, being completely wheelchair-friendly with an interior elevator to makes movement between the decks easy. A three-floor lift on a 34-metre yacht is a challenge, as it getting such a structure certified. We have also ensured there are no obstacles to impede the wheelchair by replacing the class-mandated threshold heights for entrance doors with drip gutters.

Other major challenges that we look forward to showing you later this year include the performance-enhancing Hull Vane appendage, the impressive exhaust system from Marquip and the giant window for the dining area. We won’t be able to share much sound as Lady Lene is going to be exceptionally quiet, further enhancing the occupants’ enjoyment of living so close to the water.

For more information about Lady Lene her specifications please visit our Fleet section here.