Hot off the press: The first Van der Valk magazine

It is our pleasure to share with you the very first issue of Van der Valk magazine. A chance to reflect on how our yard is growing in size and stature, and to examine in more detail our unique custom offering in the 20 to 45-metre range.

Join us for an in-depth-look at some of the latest launches and exciting new builds at Van der Valk. These include a review of the BeachClub range as we start the build of the fourth yacht in this revolutionary development and an update on the all-custom Blue Jeans.

The Explorer line is examined in depth with designer Guido de Groot, and Guido also features in a series of interviews with leading designers who partner with Van der Valk such as Cor D. Rover, Nick Top, Enrico Lumini, Carla Guilhem, Hans-Maarten Bais, Jaron Ginton and Bart Bouwhuis from Vripack.

A wide range of fascinating features dive into the lifestyle choices that Van der Valk owners like to make, covering everything from a winter wonderland hotel in the Austrian Alps to luxury swimwear, a passionate pastry chef to the awesome art of the Hermitage museum, adventures in New Zeeland to the effervescent history of Tattinger champagne.

Motorbike fans will love the article on the synergies between Van der Valk and Harley-Davidson. And although we’re all about motoryachts we talk to Superyacht Cup Palma director Kate Branagh about this stunning sailing yacht event.

Last but not least, there is a thought-provoking interview with the renowned lawyer Robert Allen, who says that “yachting is like getting married.” We couldn’t agree more…. So hitch up your comfy chair and enjoy the read!

You can read FLCN. magazine online here