First model available in 2021: Options unveiled for modern Flybridge interior

With construction of the first modern Van der Valk Flybridge well underway, the designers at Cor D. Rover have now unveiled a range of interior style choices and layout options. This all-aluminium superyacht can be completed within ten months once the client has selected from the broad array of choices. Having already given a modern twist to the profile of our successful Flybridge, including adding the floor-to-ceiling windows in the superstructure, the team at Cor D. Rover have turned their eyes indoors. Their work on the GA included creating a new spot for the galley and exchanging the space-consuming formal dining table for an innovative high-low table arrangement.

This is comprised of two sections, one at the end of the lounge (normally kept low) and the other serving as a high bar next to the galley. They can be placed together to create a dining table and you there are also options in terms of moving them around. Visually impressive, this arrangement brings a sense of unity to the main deck and is a nice spot to sit and chat with those driving the boat when desired. More freedom of choice is on offer as most furniture is loose and ideas on changes to the proposed layout are welcome at this stage.
Another big decision for the first owners of the modern Flybridge will be the interior style. With so much glass it is essential to ensure the lounge also feels warm and inviting when people sit down to enjoy a glass of wine together. As well as subtle deepening of the ceiling in places to change the perception of height, the designers have developed three colour palettes: Cosy Cognac, Cyan Life and Sensation White. All are in fine taste and broad enough to be appreciated by the widest possible audience.