Blue Jeans: A perfect fit in every way

Excellent progress is being made on our latest and most complex all-custom build to date. Come the summer, the 33-metre Blue Jeans will be offering owners, family and friends a bespoke blend of excitement and relaxation on a motoryacht developed with and for a client with very specific wishes. Even the aluminium tender is fully custom, like the mothership created to the owner’s specifications in the Netherlands.

The starting point for the brief was that Blue Jeans should be spectacular and stylish in every respect. Very open to new ideas from designer Guido de Groot, the owner gave lots of freedom in both the exterior and interior design as long as he’d be pleasantly surprised on a regular basis. It’s fair to say this request has been granted…

High rise
The exterior style is closely aligned with the request for high ceilings in the interior, rising to almost 2.5 metres in the lounge. These have been incorporated within a sleek profile with sharp styling elements, while the ceiling heights have been transformed into a design feature in their own right thanks to some phenomenal lighting effects.

Casual onlookers will have the impression that Blue Jeans has a full-beam main deck as glass is placed in the bulwarks to resemble windows while in fact concealing a passageway. Some clever play with colours between the hull, superstructure and roof areas will also make the yacht stand out from the crowd: there are no standard white surfaces on the exterior in a distinctive look that includes silver grey paintwork and blackout surfaces on the glass. The blue hull paint which blends into the superstructure was custom developed by Alexseal for this project, and the company has named the new coating after the yacht that will showcase its attractions.

Innovative features
The yacht’s anchors are hidden within an imposing raised bow, an arrangement which frees up space on the foredeck for an extra chill-out zone. A pop-up table will be receded flush into the deck and, when raised, people can sit with their legs inside the vacated space. It’s an innovative feature that typifies the level of detailed design and engineering going into the project. Others include a retractable dive board in the flybridge bulwarks and balconies on both sides of the main deck from where guests can dive directly into the sea

Space and power
Outdoors and in, the overall layout of Blue Jeans reflects the owner’s ideal in terms of everyday use and entertainment. The spacious lounge features a bar, three seating zones and a forward dining area with a capstan table that can double as a games table. There will be a sophisticated master on the lower deck plus a VIP suite and two guest cabins. The tender will be placed sideways in her own large garage, creating the room for an expansive engine room – this technical space is certainly required so that Blue Jeans has the propulsion power to reach the desired 28 knots of speed.

The interior style is a fusion of north European and Asian styles, including the materials, metals and woods chosen and the simplicity of some of the furniture. Everything is of the highest quality possible, including a fine selection of natural stones, marble and semi-precious stones.

Skill sets
Blue Jeans is a very complex project,” confirms Guido de Groot. “There are many innovative materials involved which are rarely seen in the yachting world and being used in an interior for the first time for us. The lighting features in particular have required a great deal of sampling in order to achieve their very special finishings.

“The way the build is progressing is a tribute to Van der Valk: few yards could successfully create such a custom yacht in this length, reinforcing the skill sets of everyone involved. I can’t wait to see the final result!”