Wim van Hemert

I’ve been working for Wim van der Valk since 2007. My specialism is in programming the home automation components of vessels, the navigation equipment, and the design and drawings of different circuits for automatic switching between generator, shore and converter.

Meet Wim van Hemert, Projectmanager Electric

What I like most about my job is searching for solutions to various electrical engineering issues. My favourite thing about project-based work is the different construction stages, from laying cables through to the sea trials.

I am not currently working on any specific project here at the yard. I get great work satisfaction from any activity that is finished solidly in true Wim van der Valk style, and I’m proud to see all of our projects completed – however if I had to choose, I would say build number 109 (Jangada) is the most beautiful boat we’ve produced so far. This applies to her technological level every bit as much as her interior and the materials used.