Jeroen Maijers

The enduring strength and success of Van der Valk has much to do with the quality and loyalty of its employees. Take our engineering project manager Jeroen Maijers, for example, who has been at the yard since May 2012.

Meet Jeroen Maijers, Projectmanager Engineering

Jeroen has worked on various builds in his three and a half years at Van der Valk. “The project I enjoyed the most so far was the 106.37-metre trawler, which was the largest vessel we’ve had here to date. We shed a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but it was an amazing feeling to see this wonderful ship finally launched.”

“My favourite thing about Van der Valk is the fact that the work is organised in projects, so there are always new challenges,” adds Jeroen. “I don’t personally have a specialisation yet – I do a bit of everything – but I do enjoy finishing the bathrooms.”