Bram Kooltjes

I was initially hired as an installation technician in September 2002. After gaining experience in various positions, I was given full responsibility over purchasing and then business operations and sales. Recruiting production personnel, work distribution and similar matters also became part of my remit and I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed every day. This is thanks in no small measure to our amazing team. I also love the versatility and variety in my job, and flexible way we do things at Van der Valk.

Meet Bram Kooltjes, production and after-sales manager

The project I enjoyed the most so far was MY TITAN: 25 metres of steel which I engineered from the outset in terms of the interior, technical specs and meeting the owner’s demands. We took care of all the purchasing, delivery and initial sea trials in Croatia, two years of after-sales, and continue to provide after-market service.

My favourite aspect of project-based work is that the whole team advances in terms of knowledge, skills and ambition. As the workhorses of the company, we are a bit like pearls, continuously getting bigger and better. I particularly like anticipating problems and nipping them in the bud, finding the most efficient work methods, and ensuring that staff apply themselves 95% or more. Time wasted is money lost.