Felis makes an instant impression

There’s nothing quite like seeing the design of a yacht that looked fantastic on paper hit the water for the first time. When the 23.65-metre explorer Felis came into the light of day in February everyone at the yard was mesmerised by her lovely lines and perfect proportions.

Until this launch day the yacht had been known as Project Capella and you can read more about her back story here, including an interview with the designer Guido de Groot.

Felis will soon be heading for warmer waters as her home berth will be in the Balearics, from where the owners will explore the Mediterranean region in true Van der Valk comfort. With four beautifully finished suites, including a lovely master, everyone onboard will enjoy each moment of their stay.

The light and airy interior – another fine achievement by Guido and his team – is stylish and homely in equal measure. And, like everything else on Felis, the interior benefits from the rich experience of clients who truly know how to enjoy life on the water all year round.