New 35m Jangada order highlights an evolution in sur mesure

A new tailor-made 35m project has been commissioned at Van der Valk with a familiar name. Following on from the 25m Jangada and 32m World Superyacht Award nominee Jangada, the third Jangada will showcase how evolving client wishes can be seamlessly met when a yard has the flexibility, capacity and willingness to fully go with the flow.

The owner behind this trinity of Jangadas commissioned his first in 2013 and has since developed all three together with ourselves and designers Nick Top and Guido de Groot. The first Jangada to benefit from this symbiotic and maturing relationship was one of our earliest raised pilothouse models, a concept which has since inspired notable projects for other clients such as Helga.

Changing times
The evolution of the Jangada yachts has mirrored changes in the client’s life, including the need for more space to accommodate a growing family plus structural changes to his home berths in the Bay of St Tropez. Personal comfort wishes on this latest vessel include even lower levels of noise & vibration, hence the decision to have a steel hull and aluminium superstructure along with exceptional sound insulation throughout.

For times when the owner’s morning swim around the yacht is less appealing, the new Jangada will have a jet-stream pool integrated on the aft of the flybridge deck. Spanning 4.5m, it has a depth of 1.5m and will require some 7,200 litres of warm water, stored in a tank under the tender garage. Assimilating the pool was a complex ingredient for the exterior design, which retains the elegant raised pilothouse looks while offering the freedom of an extra deck. The result is an intricate deployment of graphic lines and a muscular yet timeless aesthetic.

Fabulous views
The new Jangada will have giant windows in her main saloon and 2.6m ceilings due to the extra height generated by a raised seating area above the level of the recessed pool. These large windows enhance views from the interior, another specific owner request, as was the ability to fold away the dashboard screens in the wheelhouse lounge when at anchor.

Here you can read a fascinating interview with Guido de Groot on the evolution of wheelhouses at Van der Valk Shipyard.

Views abound outside too, with large seating areas on the aft deck, flybridge and in front of the wheelhouse. An additional seat on the bow is precisely positioned for a perfect vista of the sunset in the owner’s home bay on the French Riviera. Jangada will even have a portside passarelle specifically adapted to the pontoon height there.

The challenge is on
Wide stairs and walkways will further enhance safety and comfort while twin Seakeeper gyros and Humphree fin stabilisers optimise performance at sea. A full-beam master is located forward on the main deck with the lower deck cabins fully tailored to the owner’s children and grandchildren. An exquisitely detailed interior style is being designed to match the way the family lives onboard as the Van der Valk craftsmen embark on the challenge of completing Jangada within just 18 months.