Yoeri Bijker

Van der Valk prides itself on attracting employees of the highest calibre across all the disciplines involved in yacht building.

Meet Yoeri Bijker, Manager Sales & Marketing

Yoeri Bijker is a fine example. He has been at the yard for almost five years, having joined as a marketing trainee. Yoeri stayed with the yard during the subsequent years while finishing his bachelor studies, and now focuses primarily on marketing, communication & media and, increasingly, sales.

“We may be a small company, but Van der Valk is very international,” Yoeri says. “The variety of contacts and the fact that we offer such elegant boats are my favourite things about this job. What’s more, things never get boring as every new build at Van der Valk has its own unique identity. I think my favourite project must have been our first Continental Three, The Next Episode. It’s not often that you get to work on a motoryacht with a 65,000-watt music system and a DJ booth named after a track by world-famous hip hop artist Dr. Dre.”